Does epic store support UDK games?

Does epic store support UDK games?

epic store supports games from any engine, not just unreal.
however this only works for single player games. if your game is multiplayer, well, UDK obviously cannot use the Epic Online Services SDK. so of course a multiplayer game using the Steam online subsystem won’t work in the EpicStore.

however it’s obvious they have a strong focus on UE4 games at the moment, or non-UE4 AAA games from major studios
if you fill out their form to submit a game you’ll see they ask if your game is done with UE4 or other engine. the option is really “binary” so if your game is done with UDK, in the form you’ll select the option that your game is not done with UE4, and therefore it will be treated the same as, say, a game done with unity or cryengine.

btw I submitted my game months ago and I never heard back from them.

Thanks you piece of saint!