Does Epic plan to make the Paragon project files available to the public?


I was wondering if anyone knows if Epic is going to allow us mere mortals to look at the Paragon project files the same way we can view the new unreal tournament project?

My initial guess would be no, MOBAs typically don’t have much modding or customization support, or custom community maps and game modes. It will depend a lot on how Epic plans on making money from Paragon.

I agree from a business standpoint it may not make sense to allow this.

However, I would like to advocate that some form of Paragon build be released to the community as a learning resource. I don’t know if there are security considerations here, but if practical to separate out a safe build it would be a great resource.

As a side note wouldn’t it be cool if you could create maps/mods and the like?

it is depend upon plan

That would be super cool and I happily second that suggestion.

I don’t see it happening though. UT was meant to be a community project. Epic endorses it, they make nice levels but it’s still a community project. Both Fortnite and Paragon are supposed to be actual commercial games - some development is bound to get back in the main UE4 branch, some assets will probably make their way to the marketplace, but I don’t see Epic making the game fully open.