Does Epic make more money from games or game engines?

Hello, I would like to ask: does Epic make more money from Unreal T ornament game or revenue from the Unreal Engine?

Do you have some graphs?

I am just interested. Also, like what percent of people at Epic work on games vs the game engine? And do you think that the game engine is becoming the primary revenue stream? Thanks.

A Private Email to Epic might be best for this, as most of that info is proprietary and shielded from competitors. People try to guess at the numbers from time to time based on industry sales figures and overall market share, but there isn’t any clear agreement… Its not even clear what Epic charged for UE3, the exact figures probably varied quite a lot…

It’s most likely that they make more from licensing the engine than from games currently, since they haven’t released a game in a couple years and UT is an early WIP and Fortnite is in alpha testing.

I doubt this information would be made public, but I’d be willing to bet that the engine side of things represents a much larger revenue stream.

Yes, it would make sense that if they were making more money from games then they would keep the engine secret. On the other hand they might not be making much money from either at the moment. They might be making a loss while they give away the engine. And then hope to make a profit if some people make big indie hits.

I hope they are making lots of money because the Unreal Engine looks promising. Particularly their plans to make it more modular and streamline.

In my opinion they earn most of their money with the engine (even though I think that it’s not so much atm as not so many games were published). When Fortnite and UT will be released it could be that they will be the main parts of the revenue :slight_smile:

Don’t forget they are also making money from the Marketplace. I guess that counts as income from the Engine. :slight_smile:

We don’t share our revenue numbers publicly. However, I can say that our top revenue source fluctuates between engine and games year-to-year. Games have been #1 in several key years when we have released major games, but engine has been #1 more frequently including in 2014 and so far in 2015.

Makes sense. I imagine games give you a big lump of money that tails off fairly quickly while the engines and marketplace give you a steady stream of revenue.

I work in business analytics and market intelligence, so if you ever need a guy to build a lovely data warehouse to store those numbers let me know :wink: