Does Character Air Control > 1 do anything?

Hello, I’m trying to tune the air control of my character in a 2D side-scroller type of game. There will be times I wish to change the air control, or effective acceleration in the air, during game play. I can see that Acceleration in the air is a result of the Air Control variable, and the Max Acceleration variable, and speed is capped by Max Walk Speed.

I have noticed that when air control is higher than 1.0f, it does not seem to be any different than 1. I am trying to discern if this is a bug, or the intended result. If I want the character to be able to accelerate faster in some situations in the air, should I expect to do that by changing the Air Control or the Max Acceleration?

No, however, If you have the need for more Air Control than what you get from setting Air Control to 1, you can tweak the “Falling Lateral Friction”. A value of 1 gets you air control equal to your regular movement. Higher than 1 and you will have movement faster than on the ground. It’s completely off by default. I have mine set to 0.3 so that I have some but not too much air control.