Does Chaos have any concept of damage accumulation? or LoS/self-field blocking?

Trying out Chaos now that its built into the UE5 preview, but I’m not having much luck with a few issues. Is it just not ready yet or am I using it wrong?

I couldnt find any posts or forum threads about the damage accumulation, nor any in-engine settings like Apex used to have. Am I just missing something with how you are supposed to set the damage thresholds on objects?

The damage seems to always effect the entire object too, like the on this pillar, its pieces are destroyed all around the model, even if the explosion is only on one side. It’s like the system has no concept of a line-of-sight check.

That desk getting stuck or insto-slept in the first half is another annoying/inconstant bug that I havent figured out either.

Are there any example projects with Chaos running in UE5 yet, too? The old Chaos Examples set is all sorts of broken past 4.26 or so.

I’m playing around it right now and my observations are similar. I have a rectangular mesh and apply the force only to a small potion of it - around 10% of volume on one end. This causes the entire mesh to break. So it would seem that once threshold level is reached all parts within that cluster get released, not just those that got the force applied.

@dc-null @ilozen there are videos out now that show you how to make the geo collection take multiple hits not accumulating damage, but each time the field hits the collection, it reduces the damage strength thresholds by a certain amount. Multiple hits keep reducing the strength of the connection bonds until it breaks.
Check out this video from the series below. What you want starts at 1:45 into the video.