Does Blueprint Construction Script use resources in game?

Hi all, if i build a blueprint using the construction script, does this take up any resources in game, or does this basically get removed?

For example, if I build a blueprint in construction editor that automatically allows me to add additional floors to a building with a slider, will the construction script be uploaded in the game, or will all I be left with in game is the house and it would run exactly the same as if I manually put all the floors together?

I understand if I am dealing with 1 building that has 3 floors, either way will likely create no noticeable different, but I add many buildings with multiple floors through the blueprint, would that make a difference between adding all the buildings and floors manually, vs using the blueprint. I am looking to figure out which way would be less expensive or if they will both methods will be taking up the exact same amount of resources, because the blueprint is not saved in the game copy itself, and only saved when developing the game.

Anyone know?

Anything you want to do in blueprint constructor is to have it reflected while in editor mode, meaning it will leave a snapshot of what needs to be baked into the packaged game. It is not executed while in game mode, so it won’t waste resources. Event BeginPlay will also run once and it is a desired place for random generation where you don’t expect to see anything while at the editor, and by last the one which will always run and consumes resources is Event Tick (called each frame generation for all assets implementing it).

Sweet, thanks for the response.