Does blendspaces support sync markers?

Hi, today i add to all my locomotion animations two sync markers for better syncing between legs. All this animations in blendspaces. But I noticed weird sync position flips/shutters when playing. For explore this problem i open standart 3rd person project and found out same problem with blendpsaces…, then i blend directly walk - run animations without blendspace and flips disappeared! Question: This is a bug or blendspaces not support sync markers? of course i can remove all blendspaces and create equivalent (blend multi node) but it would be very uncomfortable.
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Yes they do, but you have to make sure that the sync marker exists in every single animation in the blendspace. Under the hood it collects the markers and throws away any of them that is missing from even one of the animation clips.

Unfortunately there’s no feedback about it in the editor so unless you debug the editor in Visual Studio to find out which one is missing from which animation, you just have to click through each of your animations and check if the markers are there.


it seems that going from non-looping blendspace to non-looping blendspace syncs; but when trying to go from a looping blendspace to a non-looping blendspace I am getting a phaseshift; (if I use only a single animation out of the looping blendspace it works, so the sync settings seem correct) in UE 5.1.1- bug?

I use sync markers using blenspaces and works fine.

Just a though but did you included your marked takes as part of a sync group?

I think it is more likely that one of the blendspaces is missing the correct syncs.
but it is totally possible they introduced a bug…
If so, you should report it. (Even if theyll only get to it by 2028).