Does Blender 2.77 work with UE4 skeletons?

I just did a test with the latest Blender 2.77 RC2 and was pleasantly surprised. An exported third person skeletal mesh loaded into Blender without any weird scaling issues. Mesh and Bones were both scale = 1 and when exporting there was no extra armature bone and the unreal built-in animations worked! The only thing is that before importing the 3rd person into Blender you have to set the scene scale to 0.01 Metric otherwise the skeleton comes in with scale = 0.01 with mesh at scale of 1. I had no idea this was fixed and don’t see it mentioned anywhere else. So is it really working or is some vital element missing?

Really!. I am gonna try after work.
Is blender ok with importing/exporting fbx.
Some fbx are not ok with old blender. e.g. Dota 2 new workshop heroes.