Does AWS and/or AWS Gamelift work with ue4 and if so how do I implement it

I am making a multiplayer game in ue4 and I want to use aws but there is isnt any direct mention that it is supported. I would also like to use gamelift but they only mention lumberyard. Please help!

AFAIK GameLift is not implemented in UE4 although you can still host your game on AWS. For our game project, I am using AWS and GameSparks.

GameLift now supports Unreal Engine. See docs here:

You can use this:

And, you must compile the engine from source to build dev server.

Although someone else posted one of my older tutorials, I have recently updated the tutorial to go over in depth more concepts involved in making a multiplayer game using Unreal Engine and Amazon GameLift. Hopefully I am able to fill in the gaps of what’s not very well documented. I made a post about these new tutorial videos here, but you can start watching there here.