does 'ark evolved' support scientology?

Does buying a copy of the game or creating content to help sell the game help support scientology?

Not sure why the game uses symbols(the ‘ark’ triangle
) and terms(engrams ) related to scientology ?

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oh dear, i dont know what to say

I woudn’t ask those type of questions here… this forum is full of shills :slight_smile:

  1. “does ‘ark evolved’ support scientology?” - I’m sure you mean “Promotes scientology”
  2. No, But I definitely think they promote a religion: Unreal Engine 4.

By showing what they can do with UE4 is making more and more people want to create their own video-games in Unreal Engine 4. Soon everyone will join the cult of Unreal and we will all be living our lives in UE4.

  1. promote is an additional term for consideration, but I would like to know if financing to develop the game was provided by the church of scientology to help promote their symbols, language and mythology or early access sales or future sales made by the game provide money back to the church of scientology.
    2)good joke, we all love unreal 4 unconditionally

If I play a game with nazi flags and swastikas in it, my assumption is that I will be pretend shooting and killing evil nazis(nazis = bad). Here I’m ‘surviving’ (again one of the main themes of scientology
) and getting to see lots of well-done dino models and animations, but not sure what the scientology-oriented stuff is meant to add to the setting or story(scientology = ?).

Since this post has nothing to do with modding, i’m closing it.

Please discuss this theory (or don’t) on a more suited platform.

modders needed to help promote scientology

Since the game already has some of the basic mythology of scientology built-in, are there modders out there who would be interested in continuing to promote the tenets of scientology? If so, what are your favorite scientology books or documents that content should be drawn from?

Next stop, infinity!

Hi everyone,
I’ve re-opened the thread and moved it to “Off-topic” so you can continue your discussion if you wish.

Seriously ?
Would you explain what kind of basic mythology of scientology the game has built-in!
What do you want modders to do ? Make a model of Tom Cruise? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi again, I’ve merged both your threads together as they are about a similar topic!

I’m calling you out as a troll. You are here promoting Sciencetology. I mean, look at your name! Irhubbard.
(If I went to far mods. please tell me.)

I hope we won’t have to drink any cool-aid!

You did got a tad too far abusing the religion; I have strong personal feelings about it (As it seems you do too) but obviously, This is a professional atmosphere; So we have to respect other people’s views on things.

I will remove the offending parts of your post for you.

If the conversation doesn’t improve, THEN I’ll lock the thread. This isn’t about people’s beliefs and whatnot- People!

Okay, thanks for removing the offending parts.
But I will continue my claim that him (or her) is only here to make people visit that site. (Being a troll.)

Thanks for re-opening the thread, I think we can help a lot of people with drug or other problem dependencies understand their problems better using the groundwork terms and symbols that ARK ‘the game’ provides - these three terms—affinity, reality and communication(ARC)—all together add up to understanding. While ‘engrams’ in the game correspond to learned skills, the language also translates well to the lost but accessible memory which each of us possess. Dianetics tells us that group ‘survival’ is also the third of eight basic dynamics that need to be understood to help us gain clarity in life. I appreciate the developers small subtle efforts to bring some better symbols, terms and understanding in a confusing world while staying fun and without being preachy and hope they always feel open to freely profess their beliefs.

Please, do not continue this trolling. This is a site about game making. Not about scientology.

I think you’re going to find a lot of “Suppressive People” here

You have no Idea.

its probably just a coincidence rather then them specifically using symbols and terms from scientology , I mean just because ark is the name of the island does not mean it has anything to do with scientology(also the scientology term arc is spelled with a c not a k), the term “engram” is also not specific to scientology as it predates it.

humans have been “surviving” since way before scientology even existed so again you cant assume that just because your surviving in the game ARK that it is in any way related to a concept/belief of scientology.

unless the developers have specifically said that’s what they did then you shouldn’t really make such statements as you don’t know if they are true or not.

a final note to all: please refrain from posting about your religious beliefs/ideals as it could offend someone of a different religion/background which is not a good thing, everyone is entitled to there own beliefs but this forum is not an appropriate place to discuss them, thanks.

Fair enough, I understand the need to be tolerant and I don’t think Off-Topic is the best place for serious discussion of spiritual matters. It must be challenging trying to maintain an online community where people feel happy and comfortable while keeping people, well, happy and comfortable.

However, in terms of games, as with any other medium with more money and “seriousness” and the popularity of the medium… like with movies, a variety of themes will be inserted in it… either propagandistically or for interest.

I haven’t played Ark so I can’t comment if it is purposefully “pushing” concepts or simply inserting the “ancient aliens” themes, etc.

Perhaps we can discuss general concepts such as “ancient aliens”, “fallen angels”, “Atlantean technology”, “magic” in a more general way as these are interesting and relevant general interest and game-related concepts.

To be honest, from my recent research into “conspiracy theory”, most modern AAA-games are actually very deep (fictional) explorations of real-life “conspiracy theory”.

This also shows the maturity of “video games” as it is truly becoming an art form that reflects and explores real life in very deep ways.

Just look at Dishonored. It could be considered random and bizarre but the game is a PhD dissertation in and of itself.

Call of Duty: AW is clearly a very parallel exploration of modern geopolitics and the private-military-industrial complex.

Deus Ex: HR is a seminal work on the real-life endeavours spearheaded by people such as Google’s Chief Scientist Ray Kurzweil. Like in the game TODAY people are choosing to be “trans-abled” by severing their own limbs.

Mass Effect 1,2,3 is certainly a phenomenal exploration (metaphorically) of human race relations (pun unintended) here and now.

I aim to release a game idea today, I’m sure some will find it… interesting. To be safe I’ll post it in Off-Topic and I hope that if you’d like it can be discussed suitably in a general way as it does focus on a game albeit with a specific so-called “religious” storyline. Nonetheless I shall defer to the mods as this is one of the best “game-related” online communities out there (Steam in general has become completely unviable for discussion, for me anyway).