Does anyone want to import STEP/STL/IGES/VRML/BREP files - CAD files?

In recently, I research OpenCASCADE. I found OpenCASCADE support to import many model file types and think it may be useful for UE4.
So I want to know that how many people want to use it in UE4. If you want that, you can click like or leave comments.
If many people need that, I can make an open-source and free plugin to use OpenCASCADE like my plugin glTF for UE4.

I think it will be a good inclusion and would be interesting to see it inside Unreal. I’m not sure if Unreal Studio has an import function for these type of files.

This is the biggest stumbling block for me… making basic models to start building with.

Unreal Studio (Datasmith) already supports the importing of STEP files. You can view the full list here:

STL and VRML are planned for future support.

Great Job.

I just try to import my step files, Unreal Studio is very easy to use. Your work is great.
But I found that any step mesh just has one material. You know a complex step mesh can be split into several mesh sections.

Hope you can support that. Looking forward to your update.


All I want is the ability to import splines.