Does anyone use Refactoring tools in VS?

I am starting to get into programming in C++ and I am starting to see the need for refactoring inside Visual Studio. I have seen that there are two commercial products (Visual Assist and Resharper) and I have done some looking into each plugin. My questions are mainly which are easily integrated with a UE4 framework and and how much they slow down Visual Studio. I will mainly be using my laptop which is a bit low grade to do a lot of my programming at the moment and I am afraid of the resources used to run VS, the editor, and the plugin while on the laptop.

Does anyone use the tools or do you just code by hand mostly? If you use a tool what do you use and why? I am asking because a lot of information that read seems to be subjective and more on the lines of which gaming console is better debates.

I didn’t concern build tools,only use vs2017.
But that was not the point, you must running UE4 for test program.
UE4 payload is to big.
Why worry about the refactoring tools.

I use VisualAssist because this: