Does Anyone Use Layers?

I’m finding the Layer’s Panel is very identical to the World Outliner. So much so that I am questioning the purpose of the Layer’s Panel and if anyone actually uses it? If so, why? When World Outliner seems to have the same benefits especially when folders are used. Does anyone actually use it? Here is a link to exactly what I’m talking about -

I don’t know about the rest of the community of course, but I use it quite frequently. It’s a nice way to organize the contents of a map based on what function individual things have, rather than their hierarchical relationship (which the outliner takes care of). When I’m working on basic level geometry for example, I might not necessarily want to see my AI waypoints, item spawners, trigger volumes etc, and by having those things assigned to layers I can easily hide them with a couple of clicks.

Without layers, those actors would have to be grouped in the outliner, and that only works if they’re all part of the same sub level. So, when working on multiple maps loaded up inside a big persistent level, layers is pretty much the only sensible way to get that kind of grouping.