Does anyone knows what this is and how can i cure it?


I updated my project (i was already at 4.9) to the latest promoted (4 days ago) and i got these errors out of the blue42590f1566cc0320f3346c8069ab0f63999e76d0.png. Everything seems to work but if someone could tell me what is going on i would be grateful.

Thank you.

Hi Roccinio,

The promoted branch is not intended for active development as many features and functionality are still untested so we cannot guarantee that errors will not occur or that aspects of the engine won’t be rapidly changing. I highly recommend using the released branches for development.

This particular issue indicates that you have previously edited a setting that gets saved in the /Script/Engine.Engine ini section, which results in (at least thru 4.7 and 4.8) a full duplication of all ini settings from BaseEngine.ini into DefaultEngine.ini, which means it’s impossible for us to edit those values and have the changes take effect for you. We’re hoping to fix the settings editor issue that results in all the duplication, but that still won’t fix up the existing DefaultEngine.ini files so I added the warning to try to catch it.

To fix this, delete all of the class redirects and struct redirects from your GameDir\Config\DefaultEngine.ini file. This sort of information will end up in the release notes for 4.9, but as Adam said it’s not expected that people are using the main branch for development.

Michael Noland