Does anyone know why Visual Studio shows bonkers values in the variables panel when debugging?

So I wasted some time trying to debug incorrect values until I actually logged them out and realised they were correct. Should I treat that debug panel as a filthy liar and just log everything I need to know or have I misconfigured my VS (2017) install?

For context, I had an FVector showing -nan and silly massive numbers.

You need to be running in debug game or debug editor for the configuration (I don’t remember which one). You should also download the pdb’s for the engine unless you are building it yourself.

Also worth keeping in mind that uninitialised variables and uninitialised pointers will show garbage, so make sure you’re debugging the right object.

My first thought, but not in this case.

Nailed it. I had it in both the wrong debugging mode and didn’t have editor symbols downloaded. Bless your wrinkly brain.