Does anyone Know where I can Download Custom Kismet Nodes

Hi there does anyone Know a place where they can Download Custom Unreal Kismet Nodes It can Include Anything specific Such as for example Increasing Firerate of weapon or For example setting the damage of the Player or even Things such as the ending the level when the Timer Is Over. Any Information would be appreciated thank you.

The old archived forums have many of these things.

Just play with the search bar.
Also there are games that come with the UE3 editor from where you can see their kismets.
-Killing Floor 2
-A hat in time
-Painkiller hell and damnation
-Rising storm 2
-saw the video game (unofficially , the editor is inside and you call it with a command)
-there is a leak of gears of war 3 that also comes with the editor

Quite a bit of other games too.

Thank You so much I cannot stress how Much I appreciate this thank you so much. Its nice to see people like you Helping others get to where they need to be. Thank You so much

Campaign mission 10 Part 14 Using Triggers - YouTube create your own nodes here I have a level I made all in plugins as campaign.
Well or we the creative oven group.

Hey Is It Okay If you could Package That Into a download there Are some Useful Nodes that are In that Video. Is It Possible for you to put Into a Rar File

Mmmmh why don’t you create your own ?
Take kismet latent node put in the oven 30 min
Add it some mayonese and there you go you have kismet node to move an arrow…

Obiusly not, but you can create your own in unreal script, do you know how ?

Ok maybe I can make tut package for you
Keep it up kismet is actually better than blueprints, no but they are the true parent of em probably: D

Heres the asset pack It got a lot of Unreal engine 4 stuff in it

Alright buddy I will try do what I can tomorrow, hopefully I can send it.
I understand you are probably in knowledge of UDK so I hope you might find it easy.

Tutorial By Request of UDK Kismet how to make a campaign level based code UE3 - YouTube it is not what you asked for god mode it is just the base but it works hey good luck