Does anyone know when the packaging will be finished??

it’s like this now, when will it end? 2 hours passed

That 56 has to get down to zero. I think you’re probably there now…?

oh, 1300 packages… if it doesn’t find anything more that needs to be built. how cute. :smiley:

i think my project has 95,000… takes hours to do a complete build from nothing (including all ddc, etc) with a network of hundreds of cores available.

anyway, yeah, it’ll be done shortly after it has completed cooking all the packages.

i feel like you don’t have any idea just how underpowered your PC is. It must’ve been excruciating to put whatever this game is together.

we finished the packaging, sir, but it gave a keystore error

The package went smoothly, but we got a keystore error, can you check?Error missing keystore