Does anyone know when Epic plays for vehicles' AI movement ?cause it´s long over due :)

So when does Epic PLAN for vehicles’ AI movement?

AI Vehicles/Cars are a great asset for any game engine (present in **UDK/UE3 **- n great to work with) Can U imagine Unreal Tournament without them? It´s been almost 2 years since since the Vehicle template in 4.2. I believe it´s of great need!!:eek: There´re some templates out there courtesy of member like Peter L Newton, Exi (to name a couple sorry if I missed anyone), only very advanced to follow for the regular BP user/student/creator such as me (in UDK I ruled AI cars!). *Ori *? Miesko? could someone from Epic shed a little light. Thanks.:o

I do think that it would be nice if they could do something else with vehicles, as it has been a LONG time AFAICT.

I believe Vehicles have been neglected for quite a while, as I´ve stated before it´s been almost 2 years :frowning: It should have some updating:AI (is a big miss), driving wheels support especially Logitech´s G27(there´s some community plugs but nothing commercially ready for distribution) , physics in general…Come on Epic could you drop a line on the subject?:o

Nothing from Epic…
That´s why my main project is still in UDK…no AI vehicles navigation in UE4.:frowning:

Wait, Unreal Tournament has vehicles now?! What happened to it being a first-person arena shooter, and not . . . Halo?