Does anyone know what is happening with this game the teaser looks so amazing ...

Just wondering.
I cant find anything online on it.

Here is the original video here: The Leviathan -- Teaser on Vimeo

And it has links to the creator.
Seems it was just a “proof of concept” kind of thing.
Nothing else has seem to come of it sadly, looked great and had interesting visuals. (Well, as much as I could tell from his site.)


The Good:
Great production: visuals / anims / FX everything… Its all very well put together.
The writer adapted Fight Club so lots of kudos there, pity it was all downhill after.

The Bad:
The content / story left me feeling empty. Haven’t we seen this all before folks…
Feels shallow like ‘Pacific Rim’ meets just about anything from ‘Michael Bay’ etc…
Samey visuals too. Is Halo a reference point for everything, it lacks imagination!

Still, maybe you can find out more here Etienne:

It’s not a game, it’s a concept for a movie, from what I understand they’re looking to develop it into a feature film.

It looks amazing because it wasn’t rendered in real time :smiley:

Yup that’s right I saw two articles one from 2005 where Neil Blomkamp seemed to have picked it up for feature film development and then another where
they said it was a game.
Maybe they changed it to game or the person who wrote the article thought it was a game who knows :slight_smile:
Looks interesting though love the drop out of the mother ship sequence very nice :slight_smile:

2005? I think you mean 2015

Right again.

After blocking 14 levels of a game out I cant see anymore :slight_smile: