Does anyone know the best software for character creation

I would like to know if anyone knows the best software for character creation

I personally like using blender for such stuff :slight_smile: But you can also use something like “make human”

Any modeling tool that is good with “organic shapes” – 3ds , Maya and SoftImage XSI have all been used. I prefer 3ds personally.
Don’t try to do it in AutoCAD or SolidWorks or Sketch-Up, though!


I think my next Saturday Jam will be spent trying to make a human in Sketchup lmao

MakeHuman will give You a rigged/skinned mesh with needed proportions, but it’s only suitable for making templates.
ZBrush - best tool available for making chars. Afaik EPIC uses mainly ZBrush for creating their own.
Maya - best for animation (well, aside such tools as Messiah and AnimationBuilder). Maya LT now available under subscription.
3dsMax - well, good tool, but animation capabilities is so-so.
Blender - Free analog of…3dsMax?

Great tool provided with UE4 - Engine\Extras\Maya_AnimationRiggingTools\MayaTools (not working with Maya LT, unfortunately)

For rapid prototyping, a good workflow is Daz3d (generation) -> 3dsMax (optimization/animation) -> Unreal Engine

For creating your own characters, Zbrush (creation) -> 3ds (Optimization) -> Maya (animation) -> Unreal Engine (I’m not a Maya expert… how good is it for optimizing?)

On a side-note: There is/was a studio working on a professional plugin for and Maya to be able to use the viewports while in VR, and using VR gloves/inputs for “sculpture” modelling. That is a modeler’s dream come true imo!

My opinion, I mean, the fact you’re asking the question means you’re amateur (like me) so get stuck into Blender. It’s very capable, and while serious artists might not take it seriously, that’s their loss and prejudice, not because it sucks.

Blender is FAST, free and conitunally improving. I mean, if you’re making a real game and make money from it, you don’t want to be using pirated software to make parts of it, and unless you’re going to spend the money on , just learn Blender. You won’t regret it

noob? the choice its clear, makehuman for have a human template, if you need something more or better, modify the mesh with maya/blender.

For rigging+animation i use maya+ART its easy but like other says not work with MAYA LT.

Old topic I know … but how the hell does someone actually afford the license for ZBrush … it is ridiculous. I will stick to the tools I can afford and/or the Open Source ones. 8-}

I recently downloaded a bipedal base mesh from the Mixamo site and sculpted it in Pixologic’s Sculptris (free) which is much like an extremely cut down version of Zbrush. I got really nice results however it wasn’t at all optimized. I used my 1 free autorig from Mixamo to rig it.
You’re right though, ZBrush is mighty expensive but it is an incredible piece of software.

Anybody can make $800. If you are serious about modeling, ZBrush is not high on price. 4R7 have some cool new features.
I hate its user interface though.
Also they have a free easy to use introductory software, Sculptris, but it does’t work good with Windows 8 yet.

If you want to try sculpting but can’t afford zBrush, make sure you check out 3D-Coat.

It’s not as advanced as zBrush, but still very powerful and heaps cheaper.

Free 3d character creator…

If you are finding it hard to purchase the subscription to Zbrush you can use there other program Sculptris for free. It is similar to zbrush but it really focused on one character and you can sculpt and paint in real time. It is a lot of fun. Plus it’s free.

There are three that I recommend you look at. These are not 3D modelling programs, but ways to generate characters quickly and easily.

Mixamo Fuse. This is what I use. It’s brilliant. (You could give Fuse Basic a try for free). (://store.steampowered/app/257400/)
MakeHuman. This is a great free creator. (://
Autodesk Character Creator. Free to use to generate the characters, but you need to have an Autodesk program to download them. (https://charactergenerator.autodesk/)

Same here man! :slight_smile:

I highly HIGHLY recommend you all look up 3DCoat as a lower cost and very powerful alternative to ZBrush. Its easily capable of doing the sculpting stuff of ZB, its retopology tools are second to none. Its also affordable.

If you’re a student, you can get all the Autodesk products, so you can get Mudbox for sculpting and /Maya for base mesh and retopo work.

Honestly though, sounds like the OP has maybe 3 years of learning to do by the sound of it. No “make character” buttons exist, or if they do almost exist, they look like ****. Which is a pity, because its entirely possible to do a “make character” button :slight_smile:

An mp3 of Barry White. If everything goes right, you’ll have a little character in about 9 months. :slight_smile: