Does anyone know if it is possible to deploy Android games from a Mac?

A friend and I did a game Jam over a week to see if we could build something and get it in the store, having made the incredibly simple game of 0 note, we want to feel the accomplishment of getting it in the store even if no one cares.

However I have hit the stumbling block of being able to package and deploy the game, I am using a Mac and all the reference material on the Unreal page speaks as if Windows OS is the only system capable of doing this. So I am just wondering if there is something to this? Can I deploy an Android only game from the Mac OS or do I have to have the project on a Windows OS in order to get this done?

The process seems needlessly complicated and is the toughest part of this entire game jam.

Many thanks

I believe you can, try

I did try, this was the reason for my question…I wanted to see if I was doing something wrong or missing something. However it appears that you simply cannot deploy to android from a Mac…back in 2014 they said that they had it planned for future releases, I guess it never happened.