Does anyone know how to set up bees spawn?

I created a bee spawn, but they are born infinitely … in 20 seconds of game has more than 10000 bees

you need to spawn the queen and not the bees itself … the queen will be directly morph into a hive

you should check Theisland Spawners for more informations

Friend I checked how it works on The Island, you need to create a spawn to spawn the queen, and attach some “Point_Huge” connected to the SpawnManager, so the bees spawn normally, creating the hives … the problem is that there is some relationship with the spawn of the player … if the player is born near the spawn of bees, everything works correctly … if the player is born too far from the spawn of bees then they start to multiply generating many hives in the same place

I even tried to copy the bees Spawn from the Island, it’s the same thing … if the player is born next to the spawn of bees, everything works well … 4 to 5 beehives are born only … but if the player is born too far of spawn of bees, then the hives begin to multiply and when you arrive at the site there are over 1000 hives

In the island the SpawnManager of the bees has a tag added … if it is called “NPCZoneManagerBlueprint_Land_A1” I could not identify that object that the tag refers to … do you know what this “NPCZoneManagerBlueprint_Land_A1” can be?

Its there since the first version of the Devkit an i think its an old artifact “NPCZoneManagerBlueprint_Land_A1”

Btw… All Maps even Theisland have that problem with Beehives so it should be a normal Ark problem