Does anyone know how to make cell bombs? - terrain materials

There’s this cool feature in the Unreal engine called ‘cell bombs’. It isn’t a default feature, but it is used to make ‘automaterials’ for landscapes and other objects with ‘natural’ materials, but you don’t want a repeating effect as though bricks uniformly placed when using a grass material on the ground.
I want to know how to make this myself so it’s easy to layer and gradient a natural material over an uneven texture, like a rigged mountain range, while not needing to buy someone else’s material that already has the function - just to learn how to make my own.
God Bless all those that attempt to help!

edit: I added the ‘FeatureRequest’ tag - for this option to become a system integrated (if already not) → Also, I’m using UE5, while the video uses UE4. That’s the only difference between me and the YouTuber if someone was wondering.

By chance, I had watched that video a little while back, and I just implemented Unreal Sensei’s material into a project for the first time, last night.

The material from this tutorial is a free download, and its node graph is well-organized and readable. I would start by setting up a sandbox project with that free tool, then copy the master material and start experimenting with it to understand how it works.

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