Does anyone know how to make a real ADS?

Hello, I stopped working on my little project for a while because I couldn’t figure out how to make a good ADS system.
Nothing doesn’t work really well or not how I want it. And there is nothing I could find on google or on youtube.

You’re not really giving us much information to work with here. Are you having issues with the code part of it, the animations, or something else? At the most basic level, an ADS system is just a pair of animated arms with a gun attached to it that you attach to a camera. When you animate your arms, you want to make a set of animations for the hip fire and the ADS. With the ADS animations, you want the sights of the gun to align with the center of the scene in your 3D software. When you attach the arms to your camera, the sights will align with the center of the camera. Then you shoot your projectiles or line traces from the center of the camera.

i have a problem to align the sights of the gun, everything i tried didnt work.
I had always something like:
couldnt look up and down, fps mesh bugged after changing camera back

1st Normal view:
2nd ADS:
3rd After looking up in ADS and going back to normal view:

I Just toggle the cameras

I’m on the same journey as you. I want to make a really smooth ADS system. I’ve got something prototyped but it’s working entirely using Blueprint animation (Set actor relative location) rather than animation. Pros: The sights align perfectly for every gun/attachment combo. Cons: Looks pretty bad since its just a timelined movement node.

First, my opinions. I don’t think multiple cameras is the way to go. That’s not how this system behaves in real life. You’d want to bring the gun up so your sights align with your eyes (The camera)

I’m not an animation expert, so maybe someone can chime in on this. Is it possible to take a basic animation of aiming down the sights, one per gun type maybe (rifle, pistol) and layer some minor procedural movement on top of it, so that the sights line up perfectly? The issue I’m worried about is that I don’t want to have to create an animation for every rifle, and then EVERY attachment on every rifle (I’m really hoping Battlefield 4 animators didn’t have to create 360 distinct animations for their weapon/attachment system…)

I found a solution!!!

Mine sharing?

Care to share the solution you found, so that anyone who finds this thread will know what solved your problem?

****, should have reloaded before replying.

This has come up many times.

Posted some Blueprint code for this a while back.

Kris, how I would Implement that code into a project?

The code supplied for the Blueprint was in relation to a custom player camera.