Does anyone know how to lock/restrict/constrain an active ragdoll to a 2D Plane/axis?

So I’m trying to keep a character’s mesh constrained to the 2D plane that the active players are on, in my case the X axis. I can successfully get it to teleport back to the plane and land on the floor properly after the ragdoll/simulating physics has ended, but while the mesh is in the air in ragdoll the mesh is still moving forward or backward on the x axis. I’ve tried using SetWorldLocation on a tick while in ragdoll with Teleport checked ( as I’m pretty sure is the only that will work on the mesh while simulating physics) - this method doesn’t seem to change things while in air though, also tried it with a VInterp to from its current location to the target location on the axis, but again only seems to move (and sometimes doesn’t finish) while its on the ground and ragdoll is ending. Also tried Set Constraint Mode on the tick with all of the options, with odd results. Does anyone have a suggestions for how to constrain an active physics simulating mesh in air?

Since no one answered, I just created a teleport feature after the ragdoll lands in the distance - which had its own bugs to work out, but looks cool now that it’s sorted (mostly)…so I’m good for now I guess.