Does anyone know how to create a 3D HUD similar to the RIG seen in DeadSpace

Is there a way to have a health bar on the characters mesh? I want to make a HUD in my game similar to the RIG in deadspace where the bar and gauge on his back fill and deplete with the characters health, but I can’t find a step by step tutorial on YouTube for it (still newish to ue4).

Have you looked at dynamic material instances? Use an emissive material with a parameter and a mask that controls the fill amount. I just found this tutorial looks like it’ll help:

To have it on the character mesh you’ll either need to combine this with your characters material using a mask to tell it where the emissive should be, or have a separate mesh section which you just apply the progress bar material to. Good luck!

Have a look at the Widget component. This component effectively allows you to attach and present a UMG widget in world space.