Does anyone know how to change pose asset's weight on Runtime???

Hello, I’m on making a real time based face animation.

What I want is changing face pose asset’s weight on blueprint(in pawn or Animtion Blueprint) when my face have to be changed.

I know how to change morph target on Runtime, But I want to use Pose Asset like morph target. However, I don’t have an idea how to change pose asset’s weight on Runtime.

In Animation Blueprint, I found there is node named PoseAsset with Pose Name, But they gives me a single pose not multiple pose.

If you know the reference or tutoreal please advise me …

I solve this question with pose asset and Animation Blueprint

Unreal Engine document gives How to use curved animation with pose asset

with this two things, I can make Animation Blueprint with realtime Face animation.

If you want to facial animation modification on runtime, you can use ModifyCurve like this.

if you have more better solution, Please advice me another solution :slight_smile:

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