Does anyone know how a metahuman can hold a static mesh using sockets?

Does anyone know how a metahuman can hold a static mesh using sockets? I can create a socket on the hand and appear to be able to create a relationship between the hand and static mesh using socket snapping, but when I move the hand the static mesh does not move.

I am also having a difficult time attaching a prop to a Metahuman that I’m driving with a Live Link from iClone. I keep doing tutorials but most spawn at Runtime. I’m using Take Recorder. I can create Sockets on the skeleton but I can’t find or attach anything to them.

I’m obviously needing some Blueprint nodes to do this but can’t find any help online.

Well a bit light on what you are looking to do but the easy way is to add the mesh to the Metahuman character BP as a component and parent it to the socket as a child object

What’s not helpful in a lot of forums, especially when newbies are looking for help is when a guru posts something like, “just create a thingamajig and connect it to a whathimacallit.”

Newbies first of all don’t often know what the items are nor where to find them. Not that what I have below is a complete workflow but, I worked something out and made a note for myself so I could do it again.

Here’s my note. I hope it’s good enough for you to get something working. It worked in my situation which might be slightly different than yours.


  1. Drag prop Static Mesh into view and leave selected.
  2. Go to Blueprint for character and click ‘Add’ and the static mesh of the prop should be selected at the very top. Add it.
  3. Drag it to nest under the ‘Body’ of the character.
  4. In the ‘Details’ for the prop, find the ‘Sockets’ section and click the magnifying glass icon to go find the Socket you created.
  5. Enter the characters SkeletalMesh to edit/move the Socket as needed.