Does anyone know about the formula for the RInterpto node to work?

I am Animator who creating a character movement animation system for the console.
I am making it play different animations depending on the direction at MoveStart. I used the RInterpTo node to smoothly interpolate when calculating the direction of movement, but my feet are slipping because the rotation of the Capsule Component does not exactly match the MoveStart motion of the character’s angle. If I have set the values ​​for Current Rotation and Target Rotation and have linked the Delta Time to Get world Delta Seconds, I am very grateful if you know the exact formula for how the Return Float changes according to Interp Speed. I will take this value and make it animate the time of the root motion of the character’s MoveStart motion.

Or, if you know of other good ways to precisely match the rotation of the Capsule Component and the rotation of character during playback of the MoveStart animation, ask for help. Thx for reading. Very Thx

Interp Nodes require a tick to work. They will not run off a single execution

You can also create a manual tick by using a delay node. This is less expensive as it allows the execution to end when desired rotation is achieved

The attached pics will demonstrate rotating a cube using the Rinterp node (using the level blueprint)

Hope this helps!! Also check out Mathew Wadstein’s tutorials. Best UE4 Tutorials on YouTube

Thx for your answer. But what I want is a little different.
In movestart rotate animation, just the difference in rotation between capsule component and character animation causes the foot to slip (not in the Root Motion Controller).
I want to know the exact outtime and float return value versus the interpolation speed input to prevent this.
If I know the exact time and rotation value according to the Interpto speed, I’ll make the animation accordingly.