Does anyone know a good way to get cheap skeletal motion tracking in UE

I have been playing around with livelink face and have been really impressed at just how easy it is to get some pretty good looking animations set up with metahumans with just my iPad. Moves by Maxon also works really well, but i haven’t found any decent dedicated solutions for full body motion tracking.

I don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a rokoko motion capture suit, and i have looked into AI stuff like openpose which seems woefully insufficient. I do own a realsense 415 depth camera but i have found it is basically useless with really sloppy results in ipisoft mocap studio and severe warping of the point cloud around the head and feet area that ■■■■■ up my leg track… it seems this camera was not designed to operate well at this effective distance. I would be willing to invest a few hundred dollars but only if it would help me get passable results.