Does anyone have this old ImbueFX tutorial somewhere?

Hello everyone,

I have recently purchased a tutorial called “Cascade: Flow Maps and Advanced Materials in VFX” by Bill Kladis on ImbueFX. However I didn’t get to download the files before the website went down for good. So I am now wondering how I could get my hands on these files. Does anyone own these who would be willing to send them to me? You can send me a private message if you do!

Thanks a lot.

Wow… I just realized this too. I spent a lot of money on that site and now I can’t access the tutorials. Wow, that really sucks. I need one of them right now desperately.

Thats actually realy bad… since you spend money. Maybe you can email them to get the data you payed for. :c

I think Bill uploaded all tutorials in the imbuefx youtube channel. See if he also attached the files on them.