Does anyone have experience making an RTS minimap?

Does anyone have any experience creating a RTS style minimap? I’ve been looking through the StrategyGame epic provides and was wondering if this is a particularly efficient way to accomplish that kind of thing considering it was written a while ago. My game has around 100 moving enemies and 100 static buildings which I’d like to represent on a minimap.

in the StrategyGame example they seem to use the FConstPawnIterator to iterate through every pawn, and then draw a FCanvasTileItem, which is just a white texture for every pawn in the game every frame. Would creating 200 Userwidgets on the minimap to represent the in-game things and then updating their position when they move in game be more or less efficient, fps wise than redrawing the texture every frame?

I’m also wondering if using FSlateDrawElement::MakeBox would be more efficient than UCanvas::DrawItem