Does anyone have an idea or fix?

Today I downloaded unreal engine 4
Only now I have a problem hi dont load WorldGridMateTrial
and does not start
someone has an idea to fix it?

Send a message or add me on skype: maik.retro

  1. Does it crash?
  2. Have you left it for a while to see if it’s just taking a long time?
  3. What’s your hardware spec?

Also make sure that you have started it with admin rights :slight_smile: (the launcher) + take a look at some post in answerhub about that topic

He don’t crash
He don’t load WordlGridMaterial and dont opent it.
System : Celetron((R) Dual core CPU T300 @.1.80GHZ 1.79 GHz
Installed memory (RAM) 4,00 GB

I dont know what the problem its unity its 8GB to and work’s fine.
Maybe it its the map Required_3of3 i lost that map

I lauch it with admin rights but its not working.

How long have u left it for? The dialog states that it is compiling shaders (WorldGridMaterial). You have a dual core machine, it may take quite a while. Just let it run and see if there is any change.

i think the problem will be

you can try opening the task manager and look for the build tool (can’t remember the name of it) and increase the thread priority, it might make it go a little faster