Does anyone have a tutorial video for packaging their product with Visual Studio?

Hi everyone, I’m extremely confused with this issue, I am trying to package my game, it uses C++ and Blueprints.

I must be missing something obvious because there are not that many reports about this problem.

There’s talk of changing debug to development editor, rebuilding, etc.

Can anyone make or does anyone have a video showing how to build your project and package it for Win32? Unreal 4’s videos only went so far and I don’t have any C++ code compiling errors.

For an Engine that is meant for non-programmers, it has been extremely unfriendly for me.

To compile for release in visual Studio you’ll need to use the editor to cook the content for the game. That’s one way, but you should know that UE4 has its own build tools that it invokes from VS.

You can actually package from the editor itself and it will compile a standalone version. Build the editor then package from the file menu.

You can also package for other platforms if you have the required tools. Android dev kit for Android, emscripten for HTML5, etc.