Does anyone have a tutorial on how to add full body awareness with FPS guns?

I have full body awareness working, the camera is mounted to the head bone the character. The only thing that I’m confused about is how I’m going to add guns to the FPS camera. Do I just make animations for aiming and let the camera do all the work and painstakingly redo animations until the aim is perfect? Or do I somehow set it up to where there’s the classic invisible arms to everyone but yourself, but yet somehow you still see your entire body (not just legs) Here’s what I have so far (attached), it works quite well…just don’t know how to go about implementing weaponry. 7cc3763dd323ca9abae3a539b722cf71a4ded9b6.jpeg

I was going to try to build off of the shootergame tutorial, but I couldn’t even figure out how to fba to that. I built this using the third person template.

would be interested in knowing this too, would help with vr development

No full tutorial that I know of, though I’m not sure if there really is a need.

Showing the players aim direction - pitch & yaw - is done exactly the same way you’d handle it in third person, via blend spaces.

Making the players view perfectly aligned to the weapon sights can be done in a few ways and has been previously discussed.

Thanks Kris! Looking through all of that, I think I’ve found my answers. Thanks for the help!