Does anyone have a file with Blender hotkeys to import?

Hello! I’m very new in UE4.
The first thing I wish to do is to make all UE4Editor hotkeys work as they work in Blender. It’s a very long list of shortcuts that I should edit manually. If someone did it already, please post this file with shortcuts here. Or show me where I can download it. I tried to find it, but seems I can’t.


Good question. - I’d love to be able to navigate blender viewport the same way as UE4!

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I meant to be able to navigate UE4 the same way as Blender. For making Blender work as UE4 I would try that solution
Let's make UE-friendly config for Blender! (Maya Navigation) - Asset Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums

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Why is that everybody wants to navigate in Blender the way Unreal does and not the other way around.
I just found this thread and the question is quite stright forward. To be able to navigate Unreal as Blender, NOT Blender like Unreal. And the only answers it has are about doing the exact opposite of what the questions asks.

Here i want the same thing. Blender like controls for Unreal.


I actually feel more intuitive Unreal’s navigation system than blender’s, there’s addons for that maybe you can find something at

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