Does anyone go to the UE4 Marketplace and just dream of owning all of it?

Sometimes I just look through all of those beautiful blueprints and just… drool.
It’s better than porn, man

I Totally hear you.

I am mostly about code plugins tho :slight_smile:

The blueprints and code, yes! ( love shortcutting when possible :open_mouth: )
The assets… some of them :slight_smile:

There are some items on there that I don’t even really need, but they’re so cool that I want them. =P

In short no, the more interesting packs aren’t even on the marketplace yet.
Stuff like Procedural Planets and Terrain / Advanced Landscape tools etc.
Plus UE4 Blueprints tend to be Plug & Pray, there’s always reworking to do.
Example: Buying a car pack doesn’t magically make the problems go away.

While I look through all the new content, generally most of it is not suited for our art style or design concept.

While content is now being added at an accelerated pace, the Marketplace still seems rather lean, especially in the area of basic RPG style mobs. We had to buy a rat from another venue and modify it. :slight_smile:

I like creating my own assets when I can, but if I had the option I’d take everything on the market place.