Does anyone else feel like the Answers Hub is a black void?

Trying not to make a huge deal about this but I can’t help but wonder what it takes to get a question answered. :stuck_out_tongue: Is there a special formatting to this that I am just unaware of? Or do I have to seem like a frantic newbie to get an answer? LoL User: “How do I texture a cube? I have tried everything!” BAM, community answer the next day. VS User: “Im seeing this funky glitch with an animation. I see the meshes pop in for a split second before hiding when the level loads, am I missing something?”…lost in the dark void…no response. :cool:

Unless you are posting a bug report, good luck getting an answer. The AnswerHub is pretty much for when I am reporting a bug, or can afford to wait a week for someone to answer.

No need for further questions, all questions of the past and the future are still answered there!

I disagree XD its way easier to just use the forums. I barely used the answerdhub cause its so empty and stuff.
Its good that i know people from Epic and the forum that can help me quickly :3

Personally, as a newcomer, I had a lot of questions. I used and still use google to search for answers: “Unreal Engine 4 + keywords regarding my question”. The top search results always lead to Answers Hub, EG forums, or YouTube tutorial, where I find what I’m looking for. I believe EG don’t have enough people to answer each question, and many users prefer to ask questions immediately - before spending some time to search for the answer. On the other hand - the UE community is huge, and the chance someone from this community will answer your question really fast is obviously much higher.

Interesting story, the answerhub worked truly flawlessly back in the days of UE4 secret beta, where only a few people were there. It also works quite well for the serious business UDN, where the big engine licensees put their problems(that one its heavily watched by Epic)

When UE4 released, it was ridiculously flooded, as expected, and then it had some serious spam issues. Due to those 2, the experienced users that used to answer questions there got bored and kind of forgot about it, nowadays, there is still a big influx of questions, but not enough people that can answer them. wich leads to slow answers or just not even answered at all. The main problem with it, its that its not a very good system for too many people.

So far any question I had (in like, 3 weeks using Unreal4), google solved the problem, and almost Always leading to an answer hub question.