Does anybody prefer the OLD BSP creation method?

I personally find the new BSP Brush tools much more difficult and time-consuming to use than the UE3 ones. I vote that the builder brush is brought back to the mix, as the new drag-and-drop mechanism is somewhat slow to work with.

Also, the inability to store transform information in those brushes is a bit annoying, especially for someone like me who likes to line up the the grid wherever possible.

Maybe for any free level editor that may or may not come in the future but is not required in shale we say UE4-Sub.

My reasoning is simple. In a brushed based map only “one” person can effectively work on a single map or at least manage all aspect of the design at a time.

Switch to mesh you can break up the total workload across as many modelers as you have on hand or anyone with general skills could just as easily make additions or corrects based on observation.

The other side is much more complex environments can be made as a fan based project. Imagine making a high detail version of the Tower of London for example.

As someone with 3ds Max skills there is a clear pathway as to project management that I expect this is the direction that Epic feels would work best.

Meshes are great and all(for those who like/use them:p), but it seems the BSP tools have been neglected in lieu of more graphics(yet again), and thus are in an appalling state of disrepair. I can’t imagine it would be very difficult to redo the entire BSP system, and bring it up-to-date with Sauerbraten…probably take less than a month!

The older tools were decent…but that’s it. :frowning:

BSP still has some use, mainly for blocking out levels according to scale etc. It’s still a very well used workflow and shouldn’t be overlooked, I just find the new method of creating said BSP Brushes very cumbersome compared to the builder-brush system in UE3 and Rocket.

Well Geometry 2.0 is planned so I guess Epic is aware of the problems. Maybe they could shed some light on what’s planned?

Sure just saying adding level editing features to UE4-sub would be like adding word processor features to a spreadsheet.

My opinion a stand alone editor would be a better all round solution.

Vote for Geometry 2.0 here!! :smiley: