Does anybody know why the hair groom looks like it is changing colour?

When you have multiple characters in the level that are the same groom the hair changes colour does anybody know why this is happening.

I have uploaded a video on YouTube.

I get the exact same issue.
I’m looking to create a pack of wolves and whenever more than one wolf is on screen the groom shader bugs out. its like lighting and material information from one wolf is transferring to the others. but then if you just move the camera so that only one wolf is visible- everything looks fantastic. Any help here would be great. I also see this same issue in the meerkat demo. if you bring more than one meerkat on screen at the same time the groom shader bugs out.

I’m sorry I don’t have an answer for you on this, but is there any way you can tell me how you got the hair shader to show that level of detail in the fur? I have been trying to figure that out forever, I just can’t find anything that tells me. I have the texture perfectly on my creature, but when I add the same texture to the hair shader, it doesn’t work at all.