Does anybody know if this works ?…ity-with-steam ?? Any idea if so, UDK is really really good…

Yes this works fine. I use the built-in Steam functionality to support the multiplayer in my game.

Essentially Steam allows hosting players/servers to post and advertise the game they’re playing, and then for clients to query to current active games through their API. Then clients connect through steam sockets, which handles the NAT traversal (meaning the hosting player doesn’t need to forward ports).

There are some gaps in what is supported though. Such as the lobby system is not supported/enabled.

You can get around some limitations by creating a dll bind and calling the Steam api directly, but you’re stuck with the (fairly old) api SDK that shipped with UDK (unless you have source access). However most of the things you’ll need are already supported out of the box.

Alright added to favs.