Does anybody have an idea when UE5 will be fully released for Production?

I know they said early 2022, anyone have any dates or know anything more as we really want to start using Ue5 for commercial production.

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I too would like an idea of whenish. I accept that it’s under development but Q1 isn’t Q2, Q3, Q4, etc.

If anyone is listening, if it’s going to be Q3/Q4, another pre-release version wouldn’t be a bad thing…

Hey there! You can see a little more about the release at the end of this article, with current info being spring 2022. We are super excited about getting UE5 out to the community as well and we will keep you guys as up to date as we can!


Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

Hi, Tina_Wisdom

Thx for pointing this article, it is very nice reading.
It is super cool that the assets of The Matrix Awakens will be available for UE5 when released.
So many thx Epic for this, we will learn million stuff from this assets.

Question About the demo :
I do not have last gen console and i do not plan to try to buy one.
But, i am computer enthusiast :slight_smile:
I saw the video and other youtuber review and so on … and it will be awesome to being able to play a stand alone version of this demo on computer to experience it for real.

So, do The Matrix Awakens will be available on pc too ?

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Unfortunately as of now the demo is only available on next gen console. However access of the assets and all tech used in the demo will be available for PC during the full release!


Ok, thx for answering.

Yep , this will be awesome assets and tech to learn from.
Cross finger for the release to spring 2022 :slight_smile:

Old good rule, more EPIC invests time, then more stable it will be and of course good quality bug reports will benefit everyone who uses Unreal. :hammer_and_wrench: :+1: :five: Good luck EPIC, world is much more interesting thanks to Unreal being available to everyone.