Does anybody have a contact for Francois Antoine at Epic?

Hey Epic,

I’d appreciate it if somebody could put me in touch with Francois in the FX department, there’s a few questions I have for him regarding a talk he did on the Gears of War 3 Visual Effects (Unless anybody else knows where I could watch that presentation online), and I’d also like to see if he could breakdown a couple of Material Functions he wrote as well?

He shows off some pretty awesome stuff in a few videos Epic have done, it’d be nice if he could do a stream at some point :wink: No doubt you keep him busy but if he’s available for an email or two that’d be great! (I check my PM’s btw ;))

  • James

Hello James,
it’s nice to hear from you!
Feel free to email me at francois.antoine at with any questions you may have.

Thanks Francois!

Just inboxed you, though the first one got chopped in half unexpectedly :confused:

30 effects a day between 2.5 people…