Does android support startup movies?


does android support startup movie and what codec do we use for it?

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Yes, on Android 4.0 and up, startup movies are supported. They need to be mp4 and placed in your Content/Movies folder in the project. Select the movie(s) to play at startup in the Movies section of Project Settings. Click on the + to add an element to the Startup Movies, then browse to your movie. The “Wait for Movies to Complete” checkbox will force the startup movies to play fully before continuing into the level, otherwise it will stop as soon as the level is ready to render (so it may be used as a loading screen substitute if left off). “Movies are Skippable” if checked will allow the user to tap on the screen to skip the movies.

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Hello. I’m still having trouble with the Startup Movie Sequences. They are being skipped over, even though “Wait for Movies to Complete” is checked and “Movies are Skippable” is left unchecked. My movies are h264 encoded, .mp4 format. It starts to play, but only milliseconds, then skips over the movie. I can tell by the sound. Is there something I’m doing wrong? By the way, I’m using 4.7.6

Hi Fristomer,

Some very general fixes were made for the 4.8 release that can affect how movies work for Android. Can you make a copy of your project and see if you’re getting the same errors in the latest of the 4.8 previews?


Upgrading to version 4.8 did not resolve this issue.