Does adding morph targets, affect Control Rig animations?

I want to work on animation first, then to the character customization.

So my step is this,

  1. Create a control rig from skeletal mesh.
  2. Make a animation with control rig.
  3. Add some morph target in skeletal mesh and exchange or import it. (This doesn’t have any skeletal change.)

Q. Does this changed ‘skeletal mesh’ have problem with ‘control rig’? Some compatibility issue?

From what I’ve researched, it doesn’t. But there could be some area that I don’t know.

Well your design is how Daz Studio and Genesis works as a framework and I’m going to assume the same with Metahuman once released so yes changing mesh shaping via morphs will not impact, with in reason, companion assets like control rigs or matching animations.

In Daz Studio this is refereed to as an injector shape that can create an unlimited number of characters based on the single framework and resources. It’s also how Massive, Weta, is able to create an army of unique Orcs but still make us of a single resource channel with out unique assets.

Thx for reply. It helped a lot.

I also want to know does adding morph targets, affects Control Rig animations? And I am glad I have found your post in which you have asked the same question and FrankieV answered it very well. Thank you my friend. Can anyone over here help in searching reviews for website because I don’t know where I can find reviews for that website.