Hey all, I’m working on a custom Dodorex mod, but one problem I’m havign (amongst many others), is that I can’t get my custom one to not have a timer (setting it to 0 or a negative value simply makes him disappear, yet the devkit still counts it as an active npc and the music still plays), setting the timer to a ridiculously high value seems to stop the timer effect, but it still shows up with a crazy number when i go up to him. Any tips are greatly appreciated!

I just did this with my mod. If you open the character BP, and go to graphs, there are three graphs (Ignore the top right graph) and the bottom one graph is the whole flow that deals with the timer and despawning. Delete this. there is also an offshoot of another upper graph dealing with disappear timing. Delete this offshoot (The white lines connecting it and the purple line connecting it back up). Does this make sense?

Worked like a charm, thanks!