Im trying to get a normal spawnable Dodorex mod working and am having trouble. I got everything set up and even see the spawn code in my mod file but when I am in the live game my spawn code does not work. I even created a random Dragon in the same mod file with a unique spawn code and it works just fine. I have figured out it has to do something with the Dodorex itself and something is preventing me from spawning it. Can someone tell me what I may be missing since it seems all my other custom dinos work just fine?

Bringing this back up to see if I can get amy assitance

After messing around I got him to work on primitive plus mode but he wont work as long as primitive plus is off. I dont mind using primitve plus but since I have a middle level computer it sometimes takes 10 minutes for it to load. Is there any way to get them to spawn in without it? I do see the base file in primitve plus 1111111 but not in the defult Primal Earth file.