Dodo Rex and King Kong chrash the game!


Whenever I want to spawn a Dodo Rex or King Kong (the giant gorilla) with my mod, ARK crashes. In the editor everything works fine. Is this because both of the creatures were in the special events and now removed?

If so, could the developers of ARK bring the files back in the game, it would be a nice addition to my mod. If not, what is causing it?

They don’t exist in ARK’s install path anymore - at least the DodoRex doesn’t(only one I checked), so unless you copy every single file the DodoRex uses into your mod folder, re-target the links and references, and upload that all, it will most likely continue crashing.


:frowning: That sound like a lot of work.

Modding is a lot of work. Welcome to the party. It took me 15 hours to make an array, but it entirely depends on what you’re doing that will determine the amount of effort required to achieve the goal(s).

When I started my ACM mod, I never thought it would take as long as it has, but, through this mod alone, I’ve learnt a ****-tonne and using what I’ve learned I’ve extended the functionality extensively.

If we had access to the cheat class, I could do even bigger things, but I suspect that won’t happen. Ever.


Yes, I know I had to put a lot of time in bugfixes. Probably copying the folder of the DodoRex to my mod folder will solve the problem.

Also the HUD element dissapear in game, and in the editor it works fine. This is probably the same problem, the devs probably changed the HUD files.

It won’t be just that, you’ll need all of the animation and sound files also.