Dodge roll animation rolls character out of places and camera wont follow the movement when animation is in play.

There is my blueprint config for that action and a record which shows exactly what it does wrong currently :slight_smile:

are you forgot to set the root motion ??

My skeleton doesnt have root bone, so is there any way to set movement capsule follow character mesh during dodge? and if so, how is it coded in blueprint? im am not too far from beginner level so… :slight_smile:

I believe the main problem you are having is that your animation actually moves in space, instead of being moving only in its axis.

If you look at the player blueprint viewport, you’ll see that the ‘boss’ of player is the capsule component, and you can’t change the position of it in the world, because it is the base for your character. There is no easy way around it, you need to either fix your animation so it performs the animation but it doesn’t actually move in space or alternatively you can ‘hack’ by using a timeline to move your rolling animation back in space as it moves forward, so even if it is moving in space, every frame you push it back, so it looks like it isn’t moving, and then you move the whole player (capsule).

Sorry if I was little confusing, but if you have access to the animation or if oyu did it yourself is better to fix it in Maya so you get in the habbit of doing animations like that. (If you look at the walking/running cycles they don’t actually move the player in space, they only feel like they’re moving)


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Thanks for a very informative reply mate! :slight_smile: i can actually change the animation so that it plays in place. But how can i code it then like this. Press V → dodge roll animation plays off but also the capsule component needs to move certain amount of length in world. So that it doesnt do the roll in place when play testing. The length of the capsule movement should also be fixed so that the player dont have access in any control during the animation. Im talking about tera/guildwars2 etc dodge roll mechanics. When pressed dodge key → character dodges say 2 metres. If i just know how to do forced capsule movement during animation play i would be golden here :smiley:

Btw sorry for my english, not so topnotch :slight_smile:

i have very same problem with 5 animations i am using :smiley: do you have a solution how to fix it so it looks kind of ok when playing?


Try the Launch Character funcion, here is an example:

When I press the “V” key, it triggers the custom event that launch character forward.

The effect is like this video, but note that as I don´t have a dodge animation, when the character is launched forward it uses my running animation, ok?

So you have to use the launch character function mixed with your custom animation. You could use the “Play Animation” function in the same custom event to launch, for example.

Here is the video: - YouTube

The timeline hack works fine, thanks I was thinking on changing all my animations with the proper skeleton to do it with root motion but you saved me, thanks!!