Documents: Entering/Exiting a Vehicle - tutorial - Need Help

I’m following this tutorial:

I’m having problems with step 4. “Under Game Mode, set the Default Pawn Class to use the MyCharacter Blueprint.”

Here I chose “ThirdPersonCharacter” (as I think this tutorial is slightly older and that is the new name for the Blueprint) but I still expected this step to work. Right away I tested and I am still controlling the car and not the 3rd person character. I decided to finish the tutorial anyways, but as I suspected, I’m still starting the game by controlling the car even though I have told the game that the default character should be “ThirdPersonCharacter”.

What gives?

EDIT: I was able to come up with a work-around but I’m not fully satisfied that I understand what is going on. By default, neither the car or man are set to “auto-possess” inside of their blue-print. So I expected setting the GameMode to have the man/third person character set as the default pawn to work. But it doesn’t. So far the work around is to force the ThirdPersonCharacter’s blueprint to “auto possess”. But why is that nessicary if I am telling the game, hey, here is the starting character., that should work no?..

Here is TeslaDev’s twitch stream of him mixing Vehicle and Third-person, and getting into the car. You get to the good stuff around 4 minutes in. :slight_smile:

Woah, thanks, cool link.